Role Play with Strict Julie

If you’ve come here from the Strict Julie Spanks! blog, this is the back-story to the role play she performed with david and the stories about the scenario Ms Julie and I each wrote and compared. We were surprised to see our versions were remarkably similar. The original true accounting that inspired our efforts is a longish story. If you want to read that complete story, Fireworks, follow the link, otherwise here is a short summary that should tell you everything you need to know to understand the role play.

Fireworks: Synopsis

Brett Miller lived with his family in a well-to-do neighborhood in California, U.S.A. His daily routine during the school year started by arising early each morning so as to catch the bus to public school. Before leaving the house for school one fateful morning, he was drinking a quick breakfast in the kitchen. Hannah, a young woman from Germany who had come to live with Brett’s family, was always up early and had offered to make Brett something more substantial to eat. He only had time for a brief conversation with the wholesome housekeeper before hurrying out the door.

Brett met his two friends, James and Rachel, on the school bus. The three sat at the very back of the bus, the two boys talking about how they were going to form a rock band, a prospect about which Rachel was equally enthused. Rachel was a year older than Brett, as confident a girl as Brett was shy. Rachel Thomas had passed him a note in class the previous winter, and the two had spent many a lunch together talking. Brett was enamored of the pretty blonde, a California surfer who had made him a trusted friend with whom she could share both her troubles and dreams.

Every morning, after the second class period of the day, the students at Balboa were given a short break period. Typical activities were eating a morning snack, visiting the rest room, catching up on reading or homework, or congregating in groups to socialize. This particular morning break, Brett and four other kids, including James, Rachel and her friend Tracy, and a boy named Greg, were a pack of five roaming the school grounds and with perhaps an eye towards getting into trouble. They were an animated group of rebellious kids, talking about smoking weed, cursing loudly, and getting in a physical tussle over a debate. They had made their way to a far end, less-traveled area on school grounds when Greg showed everyone the cherry bomb firecracker he had brought to school. Hoping to impress Rachel, and with her providing the match to light, Brett ended up setting off an explosion in a trash dumpster. Caught running from the scene, Brett and Rachel were taken to the Vice Principal’s office, and the two were suspended from school until they could be taken downtown for a demonstration of fire safety by the Fire Marshal.

Because her mother worked, Rachel had to spend the day at the Miller house until Mrs. Thomas could pick her up that evening. After having taken the two suspended teens home, Brett’s mother confined them to Brett’s bedroom, with the door open, where Brett and Rachel spent the afternoon trying to imagine their immediate futures. Brett was especially nervous, and Rachel was able to get the truth from him that his father might paddle him that evening. A discouraging word from Brett’s older sister Katie, and some unsettling news from Hannah only heightened the tension.

Brett’s father and Rachel’s mother arrived one after the other that early evening, and after a discussion the two teens were unable to quite make out, the three parents came to Brett’s room to confront their two young brats who had caused such an uproar at school that day. Brett was not at all happy to see that his father had brought the paddle, not only because he feared the punishment he certainly had coming, but because he was quite concerned to have Rachel present. The teens were lectured and scolded before Mrs. Thomas took Rachel home, but not before Brett was told he was going to be getting a spanking. That word always caused him acute embarrassment, and his surfer girl now knew for sure how Brett was going to be punished.

Brett’s father made the boy strip to his underpants before taking him to the living room for his paddling. He had always feared Daddy’s paddle, and that fear was his primary emotion, even as he had to deal with having his mother and Hannah seated in the living room across from the couch where he was to be punished. The 18-year-old housekeeper, whose responsibilities often included taking care of the Miller kids and considered a member of the family, had been asked to take part in the humiliating ritual. One of the Miller kids was being disciplined, and that was a family matter. Brett had to drop his underpants before going over his father’s knee for a licking with the paddle that had him performing like a small, wretched child.

Of note, Katie exacted some revenge, for a previous incident that involved a spanking she got, by coming into the bathroom right as her brother got out of the shower, thus getting a good look at the naked boy with a paddled red behind. The next day, Mrs. Miller drove Brett and Rachel downtown to see the Fire Marshal.

This is the message written by Strict Julie that initiated the role play.

Hi Brett,

I talked with Katie today. Sorry to hear about your spanking. She says your dad gave it to you really hard with that paddle I saw him carrying. She says you were bare as a baby, down in the living room, kicking and crying like a little girl over your Daddy’s knee. Is that true? She actually said “like a little girl”. Is that how she thinks of you? She also says that girl Hannah and your Mom both watched you get your spanking, and Katie heard it all. She says you were practically screaming across your Daddy’s knee. I used to think you were so cool, but hearing about how your parents still punish you, like a little kid, all bare naked and everything, I can’t think of you that way anymore. So not cool. Sorry. I was thinking you could be my boyfriend one day, but I don’t think so anymore. Not a regular boyfriend anyways. What I mean is, when Katie told me all that, I got ‘kinda hot and bothered, but not the way I usually do with a boy? Do you see what I mean? I mean, I got hot thinking of giving you a spanking myself. I know, weird, right? But I ‘wanna do that. Do you think you could maybe sneak your Dad’s paddle and come over to my house with it? I mean, you wouldn’t want anybody else at school knowing what I know, right? I want to pretend I’m your Mom, and give you a spanking with that paddle. A really, really hard one, because I want to see for myself if your sister is right, and if you do kick and cry like a ‘little girl’ when you get spanked like that. That would be so funny for me to see! Oh, and Brett, you should know that I’m ‘gonna want you bare naked over my knee, just like your Daddy made you do. I mean I’m older than you, and Hannah’s not that much older than me, and she saw you all bare and spanked. But don’t get any ideas. Just ‘cause you’re naked and I’m going to see ALL your private parts, like Hannah and your Mom did last night, and Katie too I hear inspected your butt! Boy you don’t get any privacy, do you? I mean just ‘cause you’ll be naked and I’ll see all that, and have you across my lap, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be my boyfriend or anything like that. And you better not have an accident when you’re over my lap! I think I’ll put a towel over my knees just in case. But you are going to my little boy, aren’t you? My really, really bad little boy who I will make good? So come to my house after school, and bring that paddle, or else, ok?


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